Meet Jennifer: The artist behind Jennifer Hall Needlepoint
Meet Jennifer! The artist behind Jennifer Hall Needlepoint. Jennifer joined the KCN Designers collective in November of 2021. She is best known for her charming canvases for children. Click here to see them all!

We had the chance to catch up with Jennifer recently. Read on to learn more about her and her wonderful designs!

Tell us about yourself Jennifer. Where do you consider home to be?
I was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio and I currently reside there with my family. My husband, Ben, and I have three daughters. Ainsley is 10 years old and we have 8 year old twins, Emmy and Isabel. I went to Villanova in Philadelphia for college. I have my Master’s in Nursing and worked as a research nurse for about 10 years. I recently left nursing to focus on my needlepoint work.

What was your first experience with needlepoint. Were you a stitcher or a designer first? 

My first experience with needlepoint was when I decided to stitch a pillow for a friend that was expecting her first baby. I also happened to be pregnant at the same time and I didn’t finish the pillow before my baby came along. I figured I’d have all this time on maternity leave to finish it but I quickly realized having a newborn is a lot busier than I expected!! Sadly, I never finished the pillow and didn’t pick up stitching again until five years later when my oldest started Kindergarten. I decided to stitch a bus canvas and make it into a Christmas ornament for her. After starting that project I became obsessed with all things needlepoint!

Tell us more about your canvas line. Where do you find your inspiration? How and when did you paint your first canvas? What was it?

I get inspiration for my canvas line from things occurring in my life. I have younger kids right now so a lot of my canvases are geared towards kids such as nursery pillows, tooth fairy pillows, Christmas ornaments, birth announcements, etc. I like to use bright and bold colors!
The first set of canvases I painted were Christmas ornaments for my kids in 2018. I wanted to make an ornament for each of them in their Halloween costume. I did Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, Maleficent, and a Rainbow Fairy.

Do you have a favorite canvas or design? What are you stitching or excited to pull out or add to your stash? 

I think one of my favorite designs is the Pink Ikat canvas. It’s just so classic and you can finish it in so many different ways. I also love the ease of a 13 count canvas sometimes!! I’m currently stitching these beautiful stockings for my girls from Alexa Needlepoint. I completed one and I’m about halfway done with the second one. I’m hoping to have them all finished by Christmas 2023.

September 19, 2022 — Polly Kramer
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